Mid-High School & Career + College Planning Partners

Figuring out how to pay the college bill is the biggest financial concern for most families today.  With the cost of some colleges over $90,000 per year and the student debt crisis hitting $1.7 trillion dollars, it is understandable why.  To help our clients find an affordable and great path through college, True North Wealth Partners (TNWP) has partnered with the leading college planning group in the country, College Aid Pro (CAP).  CAP is working to end the student debt crisis by helping families shop smarter for college.  With its award-winning college planning platform and a team of financial aid experts across the country, CAP is ready to answer all of your college questions.  From building a list of affordable colleges to step-by-step guides through the financial aid forms to successfully appealing for more free aid, CAP has you covered. 

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Have you seen the cost of college today?  It’s stunning! Families wonder, “Is it worth it?” How can a student move toward college and make their best choices?  Since 2012, Beth Probst, Founder and CEO of At The Core, along with her team of professionals have inspired parents of college-bound students to think strategically about selecting the best-fit college, major, and career so they don’t end up wasting precious time, energy, and money.  At The Core serves families nationwide through online resources, webinars, consultations, assessments, and more.  Everyone needs a trusted partner who really helps with high school, college, and career planning.  Check out their free and low-cost programming and register for their free weekly newsletter read by thousands of parents nationwide (click on logo).  Paired with your advisor at True North Wealth Partners, you’ll be in great hands!