Strategic Partners

Stratos Wealth Advisors  – In selecting a partner, we took great care to ensure that from day one we would have all the necessary operational support to allow us to efficiently focus on serving you.  To that end, we are proud to be partnered with Stratos Wealth Advisors. 

Stratos has an operational infrastructure atypical in the independent space, with more than 60 employees, functional and support professionals in place, and we are confident that this support will allow us to pursue our passion of servicing our clients.

Stratos Investment Management (SIM) – The Coach Quarterback Concept (sub-advisor), meaning we have an Investment Team backed with two CFA's which provide us with investment portfolio options.

Income Lab – Our preferred Financial Planning Tool that has Aggregations which will show all outside accounts and money flows all within one place (holistic view).

Nitrogen/Riskalyze – Our preferred Risk Questionnaire to identify your Risk Number and help build a portfolio that contains an acceptable amount of risk you're comfortable taking.

Also, utilize their "AutoPilot" Trading System to make the necessary changes to our models and within clients accounts.


YCharts – One of our preferred fund research tool to identify appropriate returns for a level of risk that funds takes.                            



Centers of Influence (COI's) – CPA's, Attorney's, Banker's, Medicare Specialists, All Types of Insurance Specialists (Life, Disability, Long Term Care, P&C), Mortgage, Nursing Home & Aging in place representatives, Elder Law & Estate Planning, etc.

If you need helps in these areas, we can be a conduit to a specialist for you.

Referrals – The primary way we grow our practice (slow & steady). Also, the biggest compliment we can receive - Thank You!